Friday, August 26, 2016


நன்றி:  பரா.சுந்தா அம்மா.


  1. அட அழகான சிந்தனை....
    பூக்கள் வழிகிறதே...

  2. ஆமால,:) பொங்கி வழியுது.

  3. சிறப்பான படங்கள். நன்றி சகோ.

  4. Two years, two months, and over 9,000 lives later, the war in eastern Ukraine surges on. International media coverage of the war fluctuates just as the intensity of the battles does; when the war flares up, the region is suddenly illuminated and scrutinized. When the war dwindles and virtually stagnates, however, so does the flood of articles, videos, and think pieces necessary to reinforce aid and support to the region.
    A building in eastern Ukraine partially destroyed by the war. Photo courtesy of Bryce Wilson.
    Australian war journalist bryce wilson spiderman has been to the frontlines of the war in Ukraine twice within the past few months. Fueled by frustration due to the lack of coverage in Australian media, he set out to capture the reality of the war -- including the worsening humanitarian crisis that soldiers and civilians alike face. He recounted his experiences and shared his photos with Conflict News in early March of this year.